Root removal in London

The root of a tooth is the part that is embedded in the upper or lower jaw bone. There are up to four roots to a tooth.

Roots need to be removed if they are causing mouth infections, pain, or if it is no longer possible to repair or make them infection-free. The roots and/or teeth are removed from inside the mouth, and only special forceps are all that is usually needed.

You will have a local anaesthetic injected to the area of the problematic tooth to numb it, and remove any pain that may be felt during the procedure. You will remain awake and conscious throughout, feeling only some pressure as the dentist operates on the affected area.

The gum may need to be cut slightly to make access to the roots and teeth easier. To aid in the removal process, a small amount of bone may also have to be taken away to loosen the tooth or root, or the tooth or root may need to be cut into two or more pieces. Afterwards, the gum will be stitched after the removal procedure, with stitches that melt away in 7 to 10 days.

Most patients will be sent home on the day of the extraction.