Home whitening teeth

For those wishing to save money and perfect the brightness of their smile from the comfort of their homes, there are many safe and affordable over the counter home teeth whitening options available. You don’t have to look far to find the benefits of these easily accessible alternatives to professional teeth whitening.

This process, which can be done anywhere and anytime, involves wearing a custom‐made whitening tray (looks like a thin, transparent mouth guard) filled with a mild whitening agent for optimal results. You should wear the gel‐filled tray from 45 minutes per day to overnight depending on the strength of the whitening agent. You should continue treatment for about one to two weeks, depending on the degree of whitening desired. The advantages of home whitening include performing the treatment when it is convenient for you with lower costs. The disadvantage to home whitening is that the success of the treatment is dependent on your commitment to wearing the whitening tray consistently for the prescribed period.